2019 White Blend

19.00 / 750 ml


Winemaking Notes

Varietal Composition:
53% Grenache Blanc
18% Pinot Noir
16% Gewürztraminer
8% Viognier
5% Sauvignon Blanc


Upshot is the end result of our winemakers passion for blending flavorful, deeply nuanced and unique wines. Exclusively from vineyards in Californias best growing and winemaking process.

We favor throwing out the rulebook and make time for the unexpected, allowing nature to take its course. Relying on intuition, we practice our craft with passion in celebration of a life well lived. We make wines that enhance the simple yet profoundly meaningful everyday enjoyment of a life in a fun and inviting way.

The Vineyards

After a relatively long and rainy winter, the 2019 growing season had a late start. Budbreak came about three weeks behind historical averages, though a moderate heat spell in late April pushed vine growth towards a more typical timeframe. Most of the season, from fruit set to harvest, was defined by dry, temperate weather which allowed for slow and even ripening. Crop yields were lower than average, resulting in pronounced concentration of flavors. We wrapped up the harvest season with a second heat spell in late September and, with everything in balance, harvested August 23 through September 21.

Varietal: White Blend
Alcohol: 13%
PH: 3.17
Cellar & Fermentation:
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