Dijon Clone 114

2019 Pinot Noir

65.00 / 750ml


Winemaking Notes

The 2019 growing season started off very wet, with several major storms dropping 150% of the annual rainfall by April. Temperatures generally were mild through the summer, with notable heat events in early June and August. This single block yielded 3.0 tons per acre, which was hand-picked in the early morning of Sept 5 at optimal ripeness


Davis Bynum is distinguished as the first winery to produce a single vineyard Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley. The vintage was 1973 and the grapes were from Joe Rochioli's now prized vineyard. Today, our heritage of winemaking lives on through hand-crafted wines grown exclusively in Russian River Valley.

The Vineyards

Davis Bynum wines showcase terroir, differences in flavor from distinct sites in the Russian River Valley. The Clone 114 Pinot comes from an 11 acre block planted to Pinot Noir in 2002 at our Jane's vineyard, in a neighborhood of the Russian River Valley called the Santa Rosa Plains. Vine rows are oriented northeast-southwest for even sun exposure on both sides and closer vine spacing compared to other blocks nearby on the ranch shows as the root competition leads to smaller canopies and yields, though growing in the same type of soil. The vines are growing in Huichica loam, which is a sandy clay based soil, with a hard duripan layer several feet underground. Warm days and cool nights allow the fruit to ripen but retain acidity, one of the reasons which makes the Russian River Valley a world class winegrowing region.

Appellation: Russian Rivery Valley
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 14.5%
TA: .64 g/100mL
PH: 3.43
Cellar & Fermentation: 14 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels, 5% new
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