Sonoma - Photographs by Andy Katz


Sonoma is the place famed photographer Andy Katz calls home. The portrait of Sonoma Katz provides us in this amazing essay of photographs is of its vineyards. He knows the region better than most, living among the vines. The face of Sonoma in this book is of its vineyards, framed and defined by its picturesque, pastoral countryside. The vineyards come in many shapes and sizes, from steep, isolated hilltops to vineyards draped over rolling hills. Katz takes us places few outsiders know exist and captures their eloquent beauty, allowing us to pause and contemplate the intricacies of vineyards planted amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Sonoma is home to towering redwood trees, pristine rain-drenched forests, stark rolling hills, narrow valleys and crumbling mountains. The meandering Russian River cuts a path through the heart of the region.

His work shows us the life and colors of the seasons, from the barren, icy stillness of winter, to the tender push of the young vines in the spring

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